You are currently viewing Every Flavor of Bang Energy Drinks [Updated January 2022 with New Flavors]

Every Flavor of Bang Energy Drinks [Updated January 2022 with New Flavors]

If you haven’t seen Bang Energy drinks yet, you will. They’re showing up everywhere. And companies like Monster are allegedly resorting to knocking them off just to keep up.

Bang is an energy drink paired with supplements like creatine, given exotic flavors with names like ‘Rainbow Unicorn’, and packaged in gaudy cans. Subtle, they are not. And at around $2.50/ea, they ain’t cheap either. But they are really good, and with 300mg of caffeine per can, they pack a punch.

There are a lot of Bang products and flavors, and I couldn’t find a single place that had them all together. So I made it. Enjoy.

Bang Energy Drink Flavors

The classic caffeinated version of Bang Energy drinks currently come in 18 unique flavors. Those flavors are:

  1. Bangster Berry
  2. Birthday Cake Bash
  3. Black Cherry Vanilla
  4. Blue Razz
  5. Blue and Yellow Limoncello (announced December 2021, possibly a Walmart exclusive)
  6. Champagne
  7. Cherry Blade Lemonade
  8. Citrus Twist
  9. Cotton Candy
  10. Crisp Candy Apple
  11. Delish Strawberry Kiss (new January 2021)
  12. Frosé Rosé
  13. Key Lime Pie
  14. Lemon Drop
  15. Miami Cola
  16. Nectarine Blueberry (new October 2021, a The Vitamin Shoppe exclusive)
  17. Peach Mango
  18. Pina Colada
  19. Power Punch
  20. Purple Guava Pear
  21. Purple Haze
  22. Purple Kiddles (new April 2020)
  23. Radical Skadattle (new June 2020)
  24. Raging Raspberry Hibiscus (new January 2021)
  25. Rainbow Unicorn
  26. Root Beer Blaze
  27. Sour Heads
  28. Star Blast
  29. Strawberry Blast (new April 2020)
  30. Swirly Pop (new July 2021, a 7-11 exclusive)
  31. Whole Lotta Chocolata (new September 2021)
  32. Wyldin’ Watermelon (new May 2021)

Natural Bang Energy Flavors

  1. Candy Apple Crisp
  2. Frose Rose
  3. Mango Bango

Caffeine-Free Bang Energy Drink Flavors

Bang also comes in a more limited set of flavors that are caffeine-free (but why?):

  1. Birthday Cake Bash
  2. Black Cherry Vanilla
  3. Cherry Blade Lemonade
  4. Cotton Candy
  5. Miami Cola
  6. Purple Guava Pear
  7. Sour Heads

Bang Mixx Hard Seltzer Flavors

We’re super excited for this! In Dec 2020/Jan 2021, Bang teased their newest product and first foray into alcoholic beverages with Mixx Hard Seltzers. The flavors are very familiar to Bang drinkers, but with the addition of 5% alcohol.

  1. Frosé Rosé
  2. Key Lime Pie
  3. Lemon Drop
  4. Mango Bango
  5. Pina Colada
  6. Purple Kiddles
  7. Strawberry Blast

Bang Energy Shot Flavors

You can also get your Bang Energy in small, carbonated energy shots in these flavors:

  1. Bangster Berry
  2. Birthday Cake Bash
  3. Candy Apple Crisp
  4. Frose Rose
  5. Peach Mango
  6. Purple Haze
  7. Rainbow Unicorn

Bang Keto-Coffee Flavors

It keeps going. The Bang Keto-Coffee Flavors are:

  1. Birthday Cake Bash
  2. Chocolate Peanut Butter Blast
  3. Cookies & Cream
  4. Mocha Madness
  5. Heavenly Hazelnut

Bang Sweet Tea Flavors

Bang Sweet Tea comes in:

  1. Sweet Ice Tea
  2. Georgia Peach Sweet Tea
  3. Lemon Drop Sweet Tea
  4. Blackberry Blast Sweet Iced Tea (new July 2021, a Kroger exclusive)
  5. Wyldin’ Watermelon Sweet Iced Tea (new July 2021)

It’s Bang Energy’s world, we’re just living in it.

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  1. Phoenix

    Cotton candy is the fave

    1. XscopeD

      I’ve almost had every flavor

  2. Erik

    You forgot Birthday Cake Bash. Great list though. I’m collecting the cans for each flavor

    1. Erik

      Oh yeah and Miami Cola is missing from the list

      1. Debbie Phillips

        It’s #5

        1. birdiee

          its #11

    2. Jennifer

      So far, I’ve counted 30… that’s including the keto coffee flavors but not including the “caffeine free” flavors. How many different flavors have you counted?

    3. Jack

      im doing the same thing

    4. jase

      uhhhh yes they did!!!

    5. Mira Jamison

      Me and my husband are collecting them all too! We have them up on our wall! Missing a few flavors that don’t sell in our area! If you know where we can find them let me know!

      1. Macie

        How many flavors of Bang are there? Can you list them plz

      2. David

        You can get them on line through Amazon, that’s what I do when I can’t find the ones I like.

    6. riker

      nope. it’s there bud

  3. dakota

    there is also a miami cola

  4. alex

    i love bangs and ima 21 yea old kid

  5. Hefty Jeff

    Bang it up y’all respect me

    1. Hefty joergen

      Bang it up ofc Jeff

  6. Kailey

    Even tho I only tried 7 so far which are Cherry Blade Lemonade (currently drinking), Star Blast, Blue Razz, Cotton Candy, Rainbow Unicorn, and Birthday Cake Bash I can’t really only pick 1 out of all 7 but my top 3 would probably have to be 1. Blue Razz 2. Cherry Blade Lemonade and 3. Birthday Cake Bash

    1. Kjell

      I’m surprised you like birthday cake bash, I thought it was horrible lol. I mean it really tastes like a birthday cake with sprinkles, drinking it fucks with my mind. I tried almost all of them and if you haven’t tried frose’ rose’ that one is my fav!

      1. Kaitlyn Gehringer

        I love the radical skadattle one.

    2. Ricky

      People actually like birthday cake bash?????? I’ve tried 18 so far

      1. Bang Bop Chick Goy

        I’m actually a little bit in love with ‘Birthday Cake Bash’. I bought 2 x 12 cases of the stuff in the past 10 days. I’m also a big fan of ‘Cotton Candy’ and ‘Black Cherry Vanilla’ (which really does make me think of the taste progression of a Black Forest Gateau) and thought the ‘Rainbow Unicorn’ was okay. I’m really looking to try out the ‘Purple Haze’, ‘Purple Guava Pear’, ‘Frose Rose’ and ‘Cherry Blade Lemonade’ ones, as they all sound like they’d fall into my flavour zone. Where I live they aren’t even on sale in stores (very rural) so I have to resort to online purchases whenever I can find them, but despite the higher cost, with the 300mg of caffeine per can and a selection of flavours that I’ve never had anywhere else (although I’ll always be in debt to ‘Monster’ for spearheading the movement into interesting/inventive sugar-free energy drink flavours) I think they’re well worth the higher price point and extra effort that I gotta go to to get my fix.

    3. Kaitlyn Gehringer

      The birthday cake bash
      Taste like vanilla cake batter. Then just plain

  7. Kjell

    I’m surprised you like birthday cake bash, I thought it was horrible lol. I mean it really tastes like a birthday cake with sprinkles, but drinking it fucks with my mind. I tried almost all of them and if you haven’t tried frose’ rose’ that one is my fav so far!

  8. Mistri

    I’ve only trued rainbow unicorn but it is the best drink I’ve ever had

  9. Mercedes

    I like the Star blaze. I love the champagne one too because I can drink an alcoholic beverage without the alcohol

  10. WALTER

    I carry all the flavors except the 2 new ones: (Purple Kiddles) and (Strawberry Blast), plus for whatever reason Champagne (My personal Favorite), costs more than the others to order? My vendor doesn’t even know what it is. So, ordering through Amazon, it costs 10 dollars more per case. Can’t sell for $2.09 if it costs $28./12-pack. Now, Pepsico is getting the contract, and who knows what will be available, or what the cost. I bought a stockpile of everything 3-10 cases of each just to be able to say ‘I got em all (almost)’. LOL!

  11. Randy Cannon

    I shop at Publix’s in Palatka Florida and I was able to buy the cookies an cream and mocha madness there but haven’t been able to find it there hope it will be back soon.

  12. James Massey

    I can NOT find Root Beer in any store.

  13. Angelya

    There only 1.50 to 1.68 here in Texas per can!!

  14. claire

    i love lemon drop!!! all the others are amazing too, except for miami cola and cotton candy. miami cola was like.. the cola gummies melted down and then the fake sugar taste really rang through, gross. cotton candy was a laxative or soemthimng on GOD it was terrible

  15. Jean russell

    I am diabetic. Do all the drinks have sugar or do some have sweetener? Thanks!

    1. Wayne

      Most I have seen have no sugar

    2. Jayden Hyland

      They have no sugar but 300 mg of caffiene

    3. Kaitlyn Gehringer

      They do not have sugar In there

    4. Amanda

      They are ALL sugar free

  16. Martin Aguilar

    My favorite was the frost rose I recommend that one if u haven’t had it

    1. Martin Aguilar

      Frose* rose

  17. Jerry

    I’m trying to find all the flavors so far I have had 14. Peach mango, blue razz, cotton candy, rainbow unicorn, black cherry vanilla, purple haze, sour heads, Pińa colada, Star blast, frosé rosé, birthday cake bash, cherry blade lemonade, Bangster berry, and Miami cola. My top five favorites are, black cherry vanilla, sour heads, piña colada, cotton candy, rainbow unicorn. I think frosé rosé May be in there also. And I’m not sure the order of favorites. My least favorite I think was birthday cake bash simply because it was too sweet. I mean it legitimately tasted like birthday cake icing but it was too sweet to me

  18. Abby

    cotton candy hits diffrent

  19. Jjbnun

    I heard there was a Key Lime Pie flavor…. 🤔

    1. Brian Patterson

      Good call, updated the post

    2. Kaitlyn Gehringer

      Yes there is and it’s the bomb.

    3. Elana Pierce

      It is literally like eating a key lime pie. I was able to find it at walmart

  20. allison

    does blue razz taste bad? my friends say its bad lmao.

    1. Kaitlyn Gehringer

      It’s taste like blue berry

  21. Troy Bennett

    There’s like 23 flavors in our area ,,new ones keylimepie,yummy,sweet tea,lemonteadrop, All of them Banging,did not like miami cola,but there doin away with that one.

  22. Tyler

    Key lime pie is good. I’ve tried all of the traditional caffeinated bangs with the exception of root beer blaze. I cant find it anywhere. Apparently from what I’ve read its discontinued.

  23. Darrin

    like most of them except hazel nut taste like a air freshener and rainbow unicorn is horrible

  24. Moon

    Key Lime Pie?

  25. Wayne

    I order straight from the company. You can also save money by using some youtubers discount codes

  26. Azane

    Yo i b banging it up with that purple haze dough. Sour heads realy mez me up man. Keep it groovy my peeps.

  27. Elizabeth

    So far I’ve tried Lemon Drop (kinda tasted like Crystal Lite lemonade), Bangster Berry, Star Blast, Piña Colada, Blue Razz, Frose Rose, Radical Skadattle, Rainbow Unicorn, Cotton Candy, Peach Mango, Cherry Blade Limeade, Black Cherry Vanilla, Birthday Cake Bash, Purple Guava Pear, Key Lime Pie, and Sour Heads. Most I found at Jewel or 711. I have yet to see or find Champagne, Candy Apple Crisp, Miami Cola, Citrus Twist, Delish Strawberry Kiss, Power Punch, Purple Kiddles, Root Beer, or Strawberry Blast. My top five are 1) Black Cherry Vanilla, 2) Purple Guava Pear, 3) Cherry Blade Limeade, 4) Star Blast, 5) tie between Bangster Berry and Sour Heads. I’d love to find and try the others!

  28. Robert

    I was told there was a hot or spicy flavor. Maybe cinnamon?! I thought I found it before . Anyone remember?!?!

    1. Brian Patterson

      You might be thinking of Reign? They have some that are spicy, like Reign Inferno which is Strawberry-Jalapeño flavored.

  29. Kaitlyn Gehringer

    I recommend the radical skadattle
    It’s have the best flavor.

    My top 10 favorite is
    1 radical skadattle
    2 frose rose
    3 Rainbow Unicorn
    4 sour head
    5 cotton candy
    6 key lime pie
    7 Crisp Candy Apple
    8 Peach Mango
    9 mango Bango
    10 blue razz
    Least 5 flavor
    1 birthday cake bash
    2 star blast
    3 Power Punch
    4 lemon drop
    5 Cherry Blade Lemonade

  30. Elana Pierce

    Me and my boyfriend are currently buying then and trying them one by one and scoring them 1- 10 and keeping track. I think I’m gonna find a way to put all of our empty cans on the wall. We really do enjoy bang.

    1. Kit

      Did you try the newest one? I love it.

  31. Kit

    I have found all but the keto coffee bday Cale and the 3 teas!

    Star Blast, Candy Apple Crisp, and Delish Strawberry Kiss ❤️

  32. Daron

    I’ve tried them all but have not seen the Root Beer in my area in several years. Any information on its availability in Florida?

  33. Joe/Jenni

    So….Am I the only person that wants a Watermelon flavor?

    1. twisty

      New flavor , Wyldin’ Watermelon 🙂

      1. Brian Patterson

        Thanks for the reminder! Added!

  34. Jaz Gipitulan

    i have a list and i am at a total of 35 flavors. i didnt really take the time to count on how many is on this list in this article.
    there is about 5 on the list i haven’t tried.

  35. Amanda Beard

    I swear that there is a marshmallows bang and if I’m wrong then there should be one.

  36. Phil

    Guy at my local gas station says they discontinued purple guava pear? Does anyone know if there’s any truth to this? I hope it is not, I’d rather not go to jail for inciting a riot….

  37. Robert

    There is NO Marshmallow Bang. You are thinking of another Energy drink company ….. they have a Marshmallow flavour …. Company’s name starts with an “R”

  38. Parker

    They just dropped some new sweet tea flavors, “blackberry blast” and I think something else, also the name is “root beer blaze” not just root beer

    1. Brian Patterson

      Thanks, I added the Blackberry Blast as a Kroger exclusive. And added ‘Blaze’ to the end of ‘Root Beer’ in the first list

  39. Robert Wetherell

    There is now a “Wyldin Watermelon ” Sweet Tea ….. I bought some in Omaha, Nebraska on 9-11-21

  40. Mary Schreiber

    The first I tried was apple flavored. I haven’t seen anything apple again except candy apple crisp, and that isn’t it. Is there anything else with more apple flaor?

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